Paddy Brayton
Paddy Brayton
Brayton Abstracts Limited Brockville, Ontario
Brayton Abstracts LimitedBrockville, Ontario

PIN Searching

In most Cases, we can perform a search anywhere in Ontario

if you have ONE of the following


 The PlN (Property Identification Number) This would be the quickest. most accurate search.   Do not confuse the PIN number with the Tax Roll Number A PIN format of`numbering would be Similar to this    44220-0458

The exact municipal address. Note: not all properties in the database are

  linked to the municipal address.  The owner's name and the city/municipality. You need the exact spelling of the owner's name as it appears on title.

 The correct Legal Description of the property including Lot and Plan/Concession, City/Township and Municipality The registration number for a current document.

    ie: Deed, Mortgage or Survey                           


 However Of great importance in this search is the knowledge of the Searcher.

Some people would have you believe that it's a simple matter of printing off search pages & Documents, however, underlying those abstract pages & registered documents there must be knowledge. Every Act, Law or regulation that applies to those items is not apparent. By simply printing this information off does not equal a

proper property search. We have over 35 years searching experience. The knowledge

gained in the Land Registry is necessary background to properly completing a Land Titles Search. There are title issues in the New Land Titles system. These can be

detected & corrected by knowledgeable searchers. If left undetected or not remedied they can be very costly to you in the future.